Because of the many demands we received from our clients to realise transparent cost structures and performances, we have developed interactive and flexible software tools. With these tools, all costs and performances of transport and distribution companies, manufacturers, trading companies and logistical service providers can be allocated rapidly and easily to all products, customers and services offered. Various scenarios can be evaluated in a convenient way. The implemented projects so far, have resulted in numerous practical improvements and our tools are being appreciated as 'appropriate' and 'very user-friendly' by its users.

We offer the following 3 tools, which can be used, both separately and in combination:


Pro-Formance enables to register employees' hours and volumes handled in a short time, and to generate flexible reports of operational indicators. You'll also get an overview of the efficiency of activities by a confrontation of the expected with the realised hours, the gross margin per customer and helps to identify improvement points in your organisation.

Pro-Formance is an aid to track and monitor operational peformances (e.g. in warehouse, production facility, order management and planning). Your Warehouse Management System (WMS), ERP, Excel spreadsheets or other data can be used as input for this tool.

Results Pro-Formance:


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Pro-Trans allocates trip data to orders. When all information is available on order level you have customers' profitability per shipment, trip, month, region, vehicle(type), etc. Information regarding costs, distances, speed and utilisation helps reviewing current and future customers. Pro-Trans imports TMS data and, if available, on-board computer data.

Results Pro-Trans:


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Pro-Act supports in understanding your costs structure and profitabilty. You'll get an overview of the relation between costs, performances and margins of processes, products, services and customers. This insight helps you to identify improvement points and supports your strategic and operational decissions. According to the Activity Based Costing method your organisation will be organised in three layers (resources, activities and cost objects), with full transparency between the layers.

The costs can be reported per product (group) or customer (group) and the possibility exists to evaluate ‘what-if’ questions.
When you also use Pro-Formance or Pro-Trans, the data can easily be used.

Results Pro-Act:


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