We assist and advise organisations in identifying, evaluating and implementing improvement initiatives in strategic, organisational and operational areas. Furthermore we provide several in-house workshops.



Every organisation has the ambition to have a good mix of product-market-combinations. This requires a good insight in the added value of each product and service for all existing and potential customers. Moreover a healthy management requires proper insight in the costs and performances of all activities carried out, by product (group), service and customer. This also applies to the purchased services from subcontractors and service providers, often representing the largest share in the total company costs.

In the strategic area we consult the management of a company with the following services:


Structure and Organization

The structure of a company must follow the strategy of the company. In other words: the structure must be coordinated to reach the objectives concerning service and profit. The most important processes in practice are: Purchasing & Production, Order Management & Sales, Warehousing & Stock Management, Distribution and Administration & Management. Each process consists of various activities.

We help the management with the following services:



In the field of the different operations we assist the managemen in the following areas:


Tools and Techniques

In other consulting activities we are using professional software developed by specialised suppliers. In this way we can guarantee that the offer you get is optimal within all constraints defined. We use software of specialised suppliers in the following fields:

Network optimisation;

To find the optimum combination of depots, stocks and transport services - meeting service levels agreed, with minimum overall costs and acceptable risk - you need appropriate supply chain optimisation software.
Our consultants can handle the software of various suppliers and assess the results in a correct perspective.

Inventory analysis

Suitable software is used to analyse the composition of the inventory and the rate of inventory turnover. This results in a clear overview of fast movers and slow movers. In combination with a product portfolio analysis you will get an impression of the added value of each product.


Especially in production and logistical surroundings it can be sensible to simulate planned process adaptations before an actual investment is made. In this way you can for instance compare alternative warehouse lay-outs regarding productivity and costs.
We carry out the simulation in close cooperation with your employees.