In the Benelux, ELC has been active in the field of the Supply Chain since 1991. We are focused on identifying, evaluating and carrying out operational improvement initiatives in the Supply Chain. Furthermore, we advise companies on organisational & strategic aspects and support them in the implementation of improvement initiatives. Many years of experience bring a lot of added value here.

As one of the founders of the ELC Group, we have a professional international network of partners, which are all active in the Supply Chain Arena. The network, once created in Europe, has been extended to an impressive size and has presence in almost all parts of the world.


Working Method

Creating an efficient and clear cooperation between all people involved is our strength. In a short, in-depth and structured orientation phase, we increase the insight in the costs and performances. Through analysis and interviews we get a feeling where and to what extent the performance of the organisation can be improved. Improvements are normally found in strategic, organisational and operational areas.

The various options and improvement proposals are then discussed and where appropriate worked out. Finally, we will develop an implementation plan for the desired options and improvement initiatives. Dependent on the type of project, we can act as an implementation expert ourselves or as an intermediate between you and a third party.



We are the Dutch partner of the ELC Group.

Furthermore we have intensive cooperation with:



We are pleased to bring you in contact with our customers to inform you on our working method. Here you will find a short list of references.